North London Personal Trainer & Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist, Older Adults, REPs Level 4
Member of British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation (BACPR)

When I first met Angela I refused to run, now 2 years on I am running races, jumping, skipping and hopping!

CR - London N10

...achieves the right balance of hard work and fun.

IS - London NW3

Gyms aren't for me, I love exercising outside or at home, Angela is the perfect solution and I haven't looked back.....

MV - London N6

Following my 40th birthday I was a latecomer to personal training, having attempted for a number of years to use gyms with limited success. Angela could not have been a better choice of Personal Trainer. She is the ultimate professional with a balance of humour - just when it's needed. She works on fitness sessions targeted to your needs and her training is both supportive and challenging. I have Angela to thank for my current fitness, which has been life enhancing, and I now understand how to integrate fitness into a busy working life.

MG - London N10