North London Personal Trainer & Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist, Older Adults, REPs Level 4
Member of British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation (BACPR)

Welcome to Personal Training with myself, Angela Bachtler. Wanting to discover more about Personal Training means you have already taken the first steps to making some changes to your health & fitness. My job as a fully qualified Personal Trainer is to support, motivate and inspire you by designing fun, interesting, varied and progressively challenging programmes and of course celebrate your success with you!

Many of us struggle to commit to exercise; you may be someone recovering from heart surgery and exercise has to become an essential part of your rehabilitation or a mother who now has some time for yourself again and you want to improve your wellbeing. Whatever your situation I can offer you my expertise from 9 years of Personal Training, Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise and an in depth knowledge of Cardiovascular Health from my experience as a nurse at the largest Cardiothoracic Centre in the UK known throughout the world for their expertise.

Many people find gyms boring or intimidating so if exercising in the fresh air of outdoor spaces such as local parks or the convenience of your own home appeals then I will be able to design programmes tailored for your unique situation.

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